The Best Nasal Aspirators of 2019

Say goodbye to stuffy nose.

Mothers have a lot to deal with, changing diapers, bathing the baby, cleaning spit-up, and not forgetting cleaning the snot in the baby’s nose. Snot or Mucus will always come, they may be because the child is sick, suffering from allergies, or because of teething or other causes. Getting the best baby nasal aspirator is important for mothers to help them clean this mucus easily. This review will help in providing parents with the best option.

Criteria for Selecting Best Baby Nasal Aspirator

Here are some factors to watch out for if you want to buy a nasal aspirator for your baby;

Ease of Cleaning: Mucus will not come just once in your child’s nose; it is something that will continually occur. So, when searching for the best baby nasal aspirator, search for once that can be disassembled and cleaned thoroughly to help prevent bacteria or mold growth. One that contains either filters or tips that can be disposed of is another option you can explore.

Material: Babies will be using it; hence you must be concerned about the material used. Ensure that the part of the aspirator that will have direct contact with your kid nose is made with material that does not harbor bacteria growth.

Size of nasal tip: the growth of babies is rapid; the same applies to their nose. So, when searching for nasal aspirators, search for once that has replaceable tips or one that accommodates different size of nostrils. This will prevent you from forcing one into their nose or buying another one as they grow.

Strength of suction: congestion varies, and your baby pain tolerance varies. Identify this before buying a nasal aspirator, since the level of suction that works for babies differs. Alternatively, you can get a device that allows changing the strength of suction based on your needs.

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Types of Nasal Aspirators

There’re different types of nasal aspirators that are able to fit different budgets and needs all you have to do is pick the one that you feel is the nasal aspirator for babies in your standpoint.

Bulb aspirators

At the bottom of the chain is the bulb aspirator, it is quite easy to use and has a price to match but also comes with its own downsides. To operate, all the parent has to do is squeeze the bulb to release the air inside and then insert the tip of the aspirator into the baby’s nostril and release the bulb. Pretty easy right?

These are the most common bulbs in the market and are often used in hospitals and even given to new mothers. However, while you can put it to multiple uses, you should know that it is not designed to be used more than one. It is preferred by most parents because it is cheap and disposable. But, you should know, that they’re notoriously difficult to clean which makes them a hazard over the course of time that they’re used.

Human Suction Nasal Aspirators

The term human should give you a hint of how this works. It is parent powered. The functioning of this aspirator is to generate a vacuum by you sucking on the mouthpiece at the other end. One end goes into the nostril of the baby and the other goes into your mouth. Once you suck from the other end, you draw out the snot. It might sound gross. I mean, you’re sucking your baby’s snot! But that shouldn’t really be a concern. The thought might make you want to gag but, in real sense, it’s not as bad as it sounds.

Once you draw out the snot, it is collected in a container. So, not snot makes it anywhere close to your mouth. However, it is safe to say that the notorious germs will find it hard to stay in the container and can easily get your mouth. Fortunately, a baby snot remover that is powered should have a replaceable filter that keeps the germs from getting into your mouth.

Most parents prefer this nasal aspirator because the suction level is entirely control by you and allows you to remove more even when you have a stubborn snot. Since you control everything, you child is comfortable all along. Also, it is quite easy to clean. However, if you don’t make your selection right, there’re chances that you might contract the same cold as your child.

Electric nasal aspirator

One of the best nose aspirator for babies has to be the electric option. It offers you the best of both worlds. Efficiency and it is less gross compared to the parent-powered option. The electric nasal aspirator is considered a lazy parent’s paradise. With it, there is no squeezing, sucking, or anything that could be called manual labor which is what makes this a great aspirator for most parents. All you have to do make this model work is push a button and insert it into the baby’s nose and wait for the snot to drain.

The electric variety provides continuous suction which means that they’re ideal for all kinds of snort. Even the very stubborn ones. You should however know that it is not all rosy with the electric nasal aspirator. For instance, the manufacturers of these aspirator put a limit on the amount of suction that can be produced by the device. Usually, this is weak and it is fixed so you can’t adjust it. This makes these aspirators ideal for thin and runny snot. However, they’re easy to use and the constant suction saves you a lot of trouble. You have to be ready to invest in battery replacement though.

There are plenty of aspirators in the market that come in all shapes and sizes. They might even look quite different but the truth of the matter is, they each fall in any one of these categories and ensure that your baby is able to breathe easily and efficiently. For mothers that might have tried to deal with a child with a clogged nose, you know how irritable they can get. Which is why you don’t have much time to start researching to get the best nasal aspirator in the market. But that doesn’t mean that you should settle for any less. These reviews should help you pick one of the best baby snot remover without having to waste too much time doing research.


If you have had to put up with a baby that has a hard time breathing, then you’re fully aware of how irritated they can get. And the last thing you want is a grumpy baby. Most parents will not realizes the essence of an aspirator until their baby actually suffers a blocked nose. It is one of those tools that you should always have at hand. With these reviews, you should find the process of finding the best baby snot remover much easier.